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2021 CHEC Commencement Booklet

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June 2021 Dear Graduate On behalf of the entire DC Public Schools community congratulations on your graduation This diploma is the culmination of your hard work and dedication to your studies I am proud of what you have accomplished and I hope that you and your family take the time to step back and celebrate this milestone The past year and a half presented a multitude of challenges caused by the COVID 19 pandemic but you persevered completed your high school education and are now a DCPS graduate I hope you will reflect on the opportunities you have had throughout your high school journey and the challenges that you have overcome with persistence and integrity Whether you are continuing your education through a career certificate program or a bachelor s degree entering the military or an apprenticeship program or moving directly into a career please continue to take time to explore your interests and know they may take you in unexpected directions I entered college as a biology major and my career plans were upended when I volunteered at an elementary school and realized the joy of teaching a young person to read Over twenty years later I still consider myself a teacher first and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to support your success every day Whatever the future holds you should be confident that your hard work has given you the tools you need to succeed in college career and life Take a moment to consider who stood with you when you celebrated your achievements and who lifted you up in moments of struggle whether they be family friends teachers or other members of your community Thank them for the role that they played in your success It is my hope that your accomplishments will make the path a bit easier for the students who come after you to achieve their goals for college and career The road ahead will continue to have milestones and challenges but know that the DCPS community is here to support you and we are rooting for your success Congratulations again and we cannot wait to see all that you accomplish as a member of the DCPS alumni community Sincerely Lewis D Ferebee Chancellor DC Public Schools 1 2 0 0 F i rst St re et NE Wa sh i ng to n DC 20002 T 202 442 5885 F 202 442 5026 www dcps dc gov

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June 2021 Dear Graduates of the Class of 2021 Congratulations You did it The world awaits you but it won t wait for long so jump in Four years ago you came to high school with hopes and dreams of future success as defined personally and familially You embraced the challenges of rigorous coursework co curricular engagement and relevant realworld experiences You developed relationships with teachers parents counselors administrators staff members and your peers You experienced difficult times and tremendous successes and you have persevered You were asked to be the first students in a century to manage through a global pandemic and you checked that box You have earned a high school diploma from the District of Columbia Public Schools This milestone is the first step in finding your life s passion as you endeavor to college or the world of work Remember always that the core purpose of your new knowledge is to improve the world around you Use it wisely Make a difference As you celebrate this accomplishment remember to thank those people who helped you along the way You didn t get here on your own Your teachers administrators counselors support staff family members and friends and perhaps even those with whom you disagreed all had a role in the person that you ve become today Thank them all And a few words of wisdom Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world Nelson Mandela Your time is limited so don t waste it living someone else s life Don t be trapped by dogma which is living with the results of other people s thinking Don t let the noise of other s opinions drown out your own inner voice And most importantly have the courage to follow your heart and intuition They somehow already know what you truly want to become Everything else is secondary Steve Jobs I will add my own advice to close Define success personally not by what society your peers or the person across the street says We re a community but our journey is intensely personal The moment you find what you love and what you re go at is the moment you find peace I m privileged to have known you Sincerely Dr Jerry Jellig Instructional Superintendent 1 2 0 0 F i rst St re et NE Wa sh i ng to n DC 20002 T 202 442 5885 F 202 442 5026 www dcps dc gov

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